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The Khulna District Commissioner’s office in Bangladesh has recently published the Khulna DC Office job circular and Khulna DC Office Job Apply 2023 on the www Khulna Gov bd official website for their vacancies. The Khulna Zilla Proshasok Karjoloy says for the total post 04, the Khulna DC Office needs qualified and talented 27 people for the Khulna DC Office govt job. Khulna DC Office govt job 2023 All information is available on the Jobs Apply news website.

The District commissioners offer exciting govt jobs for people who want to apply for the Khulna DC Office job application 2023. Applying online for http Dckhulna Teletalk Com bd is an easy process. Those who are interested in joining the exam Khulna DC Office job circular will fill out the application form on this website http Dckhulna Teletalk Com bd.



Published Khulna DC Office Job Circular 2023

The commissioners have officially published the Khulna DC Office job circular for the year 2023. The Khulna District Commissioner’s office published the Teletalk job portal on 07 November 2023. The job application will start on 09 November, 2023 and the Last Date will be  03 December, 2023.


www Khulna Gov bd Job Circular 2023

District Commissioner’s govt jobs are known for high levels of job security. Once you are hired for a Khulna District Commissioner’s office job application then a www Khulna Gov bd 2023 employer is difficult to be terminated without a valid reason. Working for a Khulna DC Office job gives you career security. employees receive a steady salary and predictable allowance. You can learn more by visiting website.



While District Commissioner’s govt jobs offer many advantages. also has some disadvantages. Khulna District Commissioner’s office jobs may have stark work schedules. Some activities of can hinder professional growth and skill development. You can research on your own or by visiting www Khulna Gov bd for the Khulna DC Office job application 2023.


The facility of cevccumilla gov bd Job Apply 2023

The Commissioner’s Govt job offers job stability and security, which is especially valuable in today’s govt job place. Bd jobs apply online by visiting http Dckhulna Teletalk Com bd or www Khulna Gov bd. If you do not understand how to apply Khulna DC Office job circular, don’t worry Jobs Apply News will guide you step by step.


Jobs Category: Government Sector
Vacancies: 22 people
Working Hours: Full-time DCkhulna jobs
Employer: District Commissioner’s
Job Source: www khulna Gov bd
Official Website:
Salary: 10200, 9300 taka. For more information See the job post summary
Education Qualification: JSC, SSC, HSC, Honours, Degree, Masters Pass. 
Additional Experience: Read Circular PDF or Image
Job Quota: Quota applies
Job Place: District Commissioner’s in Bangladesh
Total Post: 04 post
Exam Fee: 223 taka
Office Helpline: call to 121 number
Latest Update: Click the Bell icon and Click Allow button


Published date: 07 November 2023
Apply date: 09 November 2023
Deadline date: 03 December 2023
How to Apply: Click the “JOBs Apply Now” button



Download PDF Circular 2023

Bangladesh Khulna District Commissioner’s Officeapplication official website www Khulna Gov bd has published the Khulna DC Office Job application 2023 PDF file. Jobs Apply News has uploaded the PDF and attached the Khulna DC Office Teletalk job circular 2023 PDF image to this article. If you are interested in a Khulna DC Office job circular then read the Khulna Zilla Proshasok Karjoloy official pdf file and confirm which govt job circular post is best for you.



See Job Circular PDF and Image


Khulna DC Office Job Circular

Khulna DC Office Job Circular

Khulna DC Office Job Circular

Khulna DC Office Job Circular

Khulna DC Office Job Circular
 Exam Date and Seat Plan

You will find the Khulna DC Office job exam date and seat plan on the official website If you have applied Khulna DC Office job 2023 through bd then the authority will send you via SMS through the Khulna DC Office teletalk job portal. The authority can change the exam date and seat plan of the Khulna DC Office job application 2023. So stay tuned to Jobs Apply News for govt job updates.


Khulna DC Office Jobs Teletalk Exam Process

The Authority of Khulna DC Office says that the candidate will be selected through proper examination. will call the candidate for the exam who has applied to Khulna DC Office Teletalk com bd. The authority will select Khulna Zilla Proshasok Karjoloy candidates by following the steps.

      1. Preliminary exam
      2. Written exam
      3. Viva Board



Payment System Khulna DC Office Teletalk Jobs Portal

After submitting an online application form to Khulna DC Office the Khulna DC Office job application 2023 candidate must pay the exam fee. Khulna DC Office Job circular candidates who received a User ID are eligible to pay the Khulna Zilla Proshasok Karjoloy exam fee via SMS within 72 hours through any Teletalk number.

Otherwise, the online application form will not be acceptable to the Khulna District Commissioner’s office. Follow the payment system of the Khulna DC Office Teletalk job portal.

1st SMS:-

DCKHULNA <> User ID and send to 16222.


2nd SMS:-

DCKHULNA <> Yes <> PIN and send to 16222

Example: DCKHULNA <> Yes <> 87654321



How to Download DCKhulna Office Admit Card 2023?

The Khulna DC Office job circular gives everyone a chance to build up the best Khulna DC Office govt job career. If you want this chance then do not miss the exam. You need an admit card for the Khulna DC Office govt job examination. Follow these simple steps:

    1. Visit the http Dckhulna Teletalk Com bd website.
    2. Look for the “Download Applicant’s Copy” button or section.
    3. Give your Khulna DC Office User ID.
    4. Give your Khulna DC Office Password.
    5. Click submit button
    6. Download your admit card.
    7. Print it for the Khulna DC Office Preliminary/Written/Viva exam.



How to Khulna DC Office Job Apply 2023?

Khulna DC Office gov/Teletalk com bd is valuable for the govt job seeker in Bangladesh. Khulna DC Office job circular gives you a golden chance to build up your career. Now, you are not confused about Khulna DC Office gov/Teletalk jobs and how to apply online.

    1. Visit or bd. 
    2. website you get govt job circular pdf.
    3. website, look for the Khulna DC Office application form section, and click on the Khulna DC Office job application form for the Khulna DC Office job circular.
    4. If you are a premium member then select “Yes” Otherwise “NO”.
    5. There, you’ll find all of the Khulna DC office govt job circular lists of your current job application.
    6. Each post has details that need the like qualifications and other information.
    7. Review your Khulna DC Office job application and submit it.




History of Khulna DC office For Viva Board

History of Ancient Mosques: The Greater Khulna district is home to several ancient mosques. According to historical records, Samsuddin Firoz Shah (1310-1325) was the first to arrive in Khulna. During the reign of Samsuddin Ilyas Shah (1342-1358), the Muslim population in the Khulna region grew. Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali (RA) (1459) then established Muslim rule in the area, and under the reign of Sultan Shah Suja, the region was named Ziadkhana, which was later changed to Sundarban.

Over the centuries, Islamic preachers and Muslim rulers built many mosques in the Greater Khulna District. These ancient mosques are known for their excellent construction techniques and are considered unique examples of architectural art. Although the exact number of ancient mosques in the greater Khulna district is unknown, it is known that several have been destroyed due to natural disasters. A brief description of all the ancient mosques that have survived is presented in the Khulna, Bagerhat, and Satkhira districts. At present, there are 1,374 mosques in the Khulna district, of which eight are ancient.


Khulna DC office Masjidkur Mosque

Masjidkur Mosque is situated in Amadi village in Koira upazila, which is 90 km south of Khulna city. The mosque was constructed by Hazrat Buro Khan (RA), who was a personal companion of Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali (RA). He not only ruled the kingdom but also cultivated the land while preaching religion. The mosque is a remarkable example of the Sundarbans. It has a square shape and is 54 feet long on each side, with a length of 40 feet on the inner side.

The mosque has three entrances, and the west wall of the mosque has three arches. Additionally, there are four minarets and four stone pillars inside the mosque. The exterior walls of the mosque are adorned with burnt clay plaques on the southeast and north sides, and there are also nine domes. The construction technique of the dome is excellent, making it a truly impressive structure.


Khulna DC office Arash Nagar Mosque

There is a mosque located in Arashnagar village of Dumuria upazila in the Khulna district. The mosque was constructed by the English in 1500. It is believed that Pir Kamel Sheikh Shah Afzal (RA) built the mosque, who came with Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali (RA) to spread the teachings of Islam. Unfortunately, the mosque was destroyed due to a natural disaster, but it was restored in 1983. A rock inscription was discovered inside the mosque, which contains a hadith. The rock inscription is currently preserved in the Rajshahi Varendra Museum.


Khulna DC office Betkashi Mosque

A mosque was constructed in Betkashi village of Koira upazila during the time of Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali (RA) by his close companion Hazrat Khaleq Khan (R.A.). The mosque was built with intricate craftsmanship.


Khulna Solaimanpur Mosque

A mosque was constructed in Solaimanpur village, Paikgacha Upazila during the reign of Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali (RA). Hazrat Borhan Uddin Khan (RA), one of his disciples, built a remarkably beautiful mosque.


Khulna Mosque of Alaipur

In Rupsa Upazila, there is a stunning mosque known as the Alaipur Mosque. Although the mosque’s construction is ancient, its exact history and builder’s identity are yet to be discovered. Some experts assume that the mosque was constructed during the reign of Khan Jahan Ali (RA).


Khulna Chingra Mosque

In Dumuria upazila, there is an ancient mosque located in Chingra village. It is unclear who built the mosque originally, but some believe that it may have been constructed during the time of Khan Jahan Ali (RA). This mosque is said to have many miraculous stories associated with it.


Khulna DC Town Jame Masjid

Town Jame Masjid, the oldest mosque in Khulna city, was built in 1854. It is located on the eastern side of KD Ghosh Road, overlooking the Bhairav River.


Khulna DC Baitun Noor Mosque

The Baitun Noor Mosque complex is the most modern mosque in the city. It was opened on November 22, 1980, by the then Deputy Commissioner, Md. The first committee to build this mosque was formed with Nurul Islam as its president. On December 18, 1992, the then Foreign Minister A.S. M. Mostafizur Rahman laid the foundation stone of the mosque. The mosque can accommodate 6,000 worshippers at the same time and also has a separate prayer area for women. Moreover, the mosque houses madrasas and Islamic libraries on the third and fourth floors. The minaret of the mosque towers at a height of 138 feet.


Khulna DC History of Eid Jamaat

The Eid of Fasting is a significant religious festival in the Muslim world. The Eid-ul-Fitr congregation is held on the 1st day of the Arabic month of Shawwal, after the holy month of Ramadan and fasting. The celebration of the Eid festival started after the Hijrah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Madinah. However, there is no exact history of where the first Eid-ul-Fitr congregation was held in today’s Bangladesh. “Eidul Fitr” by Idrisur Rahman is one of the ancient festivals of Bengal.

But nothing is known about how Eid was celebrated in ancient times. Around the 17th century, the Nawabs and wealthy people of Bengal used to celebrate the Eid festival with grandeur. During the Mughal period, the Mughals used to celebrate the Eid festival. At that time, the Muslims of the village were poor and had limited knowledge of Islam. Common Muslims learned about Islam after the Faraji movement. During the English period, Christmas was the main festival.

The Muslims applied for an extra holiday for Eid, but the British did not pay attention to it. At that time, the people of the Hindu community were very advanced in terms of economics, and as a result, Durga Puja became the most prominent and important religious festival due to communal dominance and tradition. When the Muslim community entered politics, the festival of Eid gained a new status.

Some of the famous places where Eid is celebrated in Bangladesh are Ars Nagar Mosque in Dumuria Upazila, Chalamat Khan Shrine in Magura Ghona, Chingra Mosque, Mishari Dewan Shah Shrine in Fultala Upazila, Dighi in Mukteshwari Village, Saral Khan Dighi in Paikgacha Upazila, an old cleric’s dargah next to the Khulna metropolis, Sufi Khan Garh, the ancient grave of Khwaja Danga, Kirti in Maharajpur, Salt Factory of Shakbar, Mosque of Alaipur, and House of Gora Dakat.


Legends of Khulna DC office

In the Khulna district, many legends have been passed down by the locals. Some of the most popular ones include Banbibi, Bhoot’s House, Gora Dakat’s House, the Rupsa River, Michari Dewan Shah, Chandbibi, the Golden Pumpkin, Gazi’s Ghuto, Dudh Pond, Kudir Battala, the White Stone, Pir Dharam Chand, Alam Shah Fakir, Maheshwar Pasha’s Jord Mandir, and Lata Fakir.


Vocational Folk Culture of Khulna DC office

Folk culture embodies the essence of a nation’s life. It has become an integral part of our national identity. According to renowned folk scientist Prof. Dr. Wakil Ahmed, folk culture comprises customs, traditional rules, and regulations that are passed down from our forefathers. It is mainly historical and is accepted without hesitation and judgment, much like ancestral properties. However, innovation is not possible through folk thinking without deep study and practice. Folk culture’s aesthetic appeal is less appealing due to its grossness and vulgarity.

Practical needs, neutral habits, and customs do not differ in folk culture. It is not contemplative and has more impression of nature and instinct. Therefore, folk culture is a gift of genuine simplicity and naturalness. As the public is not literate, they do not keep anything in books. Personal experience is the main source of folk wisdom, which is transmitted, accepted, and kept in the people’s memory. In such a case, the real elements of anthropology, archaeology, theology, sociology, linguistics, and ethnology flow into the folk culture.

Therefore, the originality and identity of a nation or a country are possible only through its folk culture.

Folk culture is a living source of human emotion and passion. It has propagated the pangs of the thirsty heart of the worldly man in various ways. One can see the integrated manifestation of the devotional sacred chapter of folk life in folk culture. The strange sentiment of the strange mind has found other forms in folk culture.

In Bangladesh, the village is the lifeblood of public life and folk culture. Most people live in villages, and therefore, to understand folk culture and life, we must value the village. There are different categories of people in our country, with a high number of people involved in agriculture.

Other professions include fishermen, weavers, blacksmiths, potters, carpenters, tanners, shoemakers, gardeners, washermen, and many more. Each profession has its own unique cultural life, resulting in a rich variety of folk culture. Folk culture also varies depending on the region of the country. The Khulna district, for example, is particularly rich in culture, with different parts of the district having their own unique folk culture. As a result, a profession-based folk culture has developed around the lives of the people in the villages of this district.


Jobs Apply News gives Khulna DC Office job apply 2023 the best available information. If you want more govt jobs or Teletalk bd jobs then check all jobs. Here, you’ll find not only Khulna DC Office job circulars but also updates on:


How can I get the Dckhulna Teletalk com bd Update?

For www, Khulna Gov bd updates, make it a habit to check the Jobs Apply News website regularly. If you want to get the latest www Khulna Gov bd update then click the “bell icon” and “allow” your notification in your browser. Jobsapplynews always published recent job circular news.


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