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Lakshmipur DC Office Job Circular 2023 |

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The Lakshmipur District Commissioner’s Office has recently published the Lakshmipur DC Office job circular 2023 and Lakshmipur DC Office Job Apply on the www Lakshmipur Gov bd and Http Dclakshmipur Teletalk com bd official website for their vacancies. The Lakshmipur Zilla Prosashok Karjaloy mentioned for the total post 01, the authority needs susceptible, wise, active, and skilled 14 people for the Lakshmipur DC Office govt job.

Lakshmipur DC Office govt job 2023 All announcement is available on the Jobs Apply news website. The Govt of Lakshmipur offers stirring govt Job circulars for people who want to apply for the Lakshmipur DC Office job application 2023. Applying online for Dclakshmipur Teletalk com bd is an easy process. Those who are interested in joining the Lakshmipur DC Office jobs exam will fill out the application form on this website Dclakshmipur Teletalk com bd.  


Published Lakshmipur DC Office Job Circular 2023

The Lakshmipur District Commissioner’s Office has officially published the Lakshmipur DC Office job circular. The Govt of Lakshmipur published the Teletalk job portal on November 21, 2023. The job application will start on 04 December 2023 and the Last Date will be on 15 January 2024. Interested candidates apply for Govt of Lakshmipur jobs within a specific date.



www Lakshmipur Gov bd Job Circular 2023

Lakshmipurgovt jobs are known for their high levels of job security. Once you are hired for a job at the Lakshmipur District Commissioner’s Office, it can be difficult for an employer to terminate you without a valid reason. Working for a Lakshmipur DC Office job provides career security, as employees receive a steady salary and predictable allowances. You can learn more about these opportunities by visiting the website.

While Lakshmipur District Commissioner’s Office govt jobs offer many advantages, has also some disadvantages. Govt of Lakshmipur jobs may have stark work schedules. Some activities of can hinder professional growth and skill development. You can research on your own or by visiting www Lakshmipur Gov bd for the Lakshmipur DC Office job application 2023.  




The facility of Lakshmipur DC Office Job Apply

The Govt of Lakshmipur offers job stability and security, which is peculiarly valuable in today’s government workplace. Jobs apply online by visiting Http Dclakshmipur Teletalk com bd or www Lakshmipur Gov bd. You can see the facility before applying Lakshmipur DC Office job circular. If you do not understand how to apply Lakshmipur DC Office circular, don’t worry Jobs Apply News will guide you step by step.  


Category: Gov JOBs.
Candidate: 14 person.
Total Post: 01 post.
Exam Fee: 100 takas and 12 taka (vat) = 112 taka.
Job Salary: 8250 – 20010 taka. See the circular.
Job Quota: Quota applies.
Age Limit: From 18 to 30 years age {03/12/2023}. For the Lakshmipur DC Office quota age will be 32 years old.
Job Place: Lakshmipur District Commissioner’s Office.
Website: www Lakshmipur Gov bd.
Job Source: www Lakshmipur Gov bd.
Qualification: JSC Pass, SSC Pass.
Experience: Read Lakshmipur DC Office job circular pdf or Image.
  • phone: 02334441410.
  • Fax: 02334441430.
  • Call to 121 by Teletalk number.


Published Date: 21 November 2023.
Apply date: 04 December 2023.
Deadline date: 15 January 2023.
How to Apply: Click the “JOBs Apply Now” button.



Download pdf of Circular 2023

Lakshmipur Zilla Prosashok Karjaloy’s official website www Lakshmipur Gov bd has published the Lakshmipur DC Office Job Apply 2023 PDF file. Jobs Apply News has uploaded the pdf file and connected the Lakshmipur DC Office Teletalk job circular pdf or image to this article. If you are interested in a Lakshmipur DC Office circular pdf or image then check out the Lakshmipur Zilla Prosashok Karjaloy official pdf file and confirm which govt job post is best for you. Exam Date and Seat Plan

If you have applied for a job at the Lakshmipur DC Office through the website, you can find your exam date and seat plan on the official website Alternatively, the Lakshmipur DC Office authority will send you an SMS via the Teletalk job portal. It’s important to note that the exam date and seat plan for the Lakshmipur DC Office job application 2023 may be subject to change, so make sure to check the official website or your SMS notifications for any updates.

So stay tuned to JOBs Apply News for all govt jobs are updated. The Authority of Lakshmipur DC Office says that the candidate will be selected through proper and competent examination. will call the candidate for the exam who has applied to Lakshmipur DC Office Teletalk com bd. The authority will select the Govt of Lakshmipur candidates by following the steps.

      1. Preliminary exam
      2. Written exam
      3. Viva Board



Exam Fee of Dclakshmipur Teletalk com bd Jobs

Upon submitting an online application form to Dclakshmipur Teletalk com bd, the candidate applying for a job at Lakshmipur DC Office must pay the exam fee. Only candidates who have received a User ID are eligible to pay the exam fee within 72 hours through any Teletalk number via SMS. It is important to note that failure to pay the exam fee within the given time frame will render the application form invalid and will not be considered by the Lakshmipur District Commissioner’s Office.

Therefore, applicants are advised to follow the payment system of the Lakshmipur DC Office Teletalk job portal carefully.

1st SMS:-

DCLAKSHMIPUR <> User ID and send to 16222.


Reply: Application’s Name, Tk – 112/– will be charged as application fee. Your PIN is 87654321. To pay the fee Type the <>Yes<>PIN and send it to 16222.


2nd SMS:-

the <> Yes <> PIN and send to 16222

Example: DCLAKSHMIPUR <> Yes <> 87654321

Reply: Congratulations! Applicant’s Name, payment completed successfully for DCLAKSHMIPUR Application for the post-YYYYYYYY User ID is (ABCDEF) and Password (XXXXXXXXX).  



How to Download Admit Card?

The Lakshmipur Zilla Prosashok Karjaloy gives everyone a benefit to build up a better Lakshmipur DC Office govt job career. If you want this chance then do not slip the exam. You need an admit card for the Lakshmipur DC Office examination. Follow these soft steps:

    1. Visit the website.
    2. Look for the “Download Applicant’s Copy” section.
    3. Give your Lakshmipur DC Office “User ID“.
    4. Give your Lakshmipur DC Office “Password“.
    5. Click the “submit” button
    6. Download your “Admit Card“.
    7. Print it for the Preliminary / Written / Viva exam




How to Recover DCLAKSHMIPUR User ID and Password?

Lakshmipur DC Office Job Apply candidates can recover Dclakshmipur Teletalk com bd User ID and Password by  conforming to the below-mentioned SMS manner only from Teletalk pre-paid mobile phone:


If the User ID is known:

DCLAKSHMIPUR <> Help <> User <> Send User ID to 16222.



If you know the PIN:

DCLAKSHMIPUR <> Help <> PIN <> PIN No to 16222.

Example: DCLAKSHMIPUR  HELP   PIN   12345678



How to Lakshmipur DC Office Job Apply 2023?

Lakshmipur DC Office Job Apply is golden for the govt job seeker in Bangladesh. Lakshmipur DC Office job circular gives you a golden scope to build up your career. Now, you are not confused about Lakshmipur DC Office gov jobs, and how to apply online.

    1. Visit Or
    2. www Lakshmipur Gov bd website you get all govt job circular pdf.
    3. Http Dclakshmipur Teletalk com bd website, “Application Form” (Click here to Apply for Job Online).
    4. Select Lakshmipur DC Office Post and click “Next“.
    5. If you are not a premium member then select “NO”.
    6. Fill up the Lakshmipur District Commissioner’s Office online application forms.
    7. Submit” to www Lakshmipur Gov bd.
    8. Download” Lakshmipur DC Office Job Apply “Hard Copy“.




See Job Circular PDF and Image

Lakshmipur DC Office Job Circular
Lakshmipur DC Office Job Circular
Lakshmipur DC Office Job Circular Lakshmipur DC Office Job Circular






History of Lakshmipur DC Office for Viva Board

Lakshmipur district has many famous structures which are rich in historical and architectural style. Ramgatti is a suitable place to develop as a tourist center. The Meghna River flows into the Bay of Bengal on the western side of Ramgati Bazar. The scenery here is very beautiful. It is a natural beach. Tourists can sit here and enjoy the thrilling sight of catching Hilsa. Tourists can collect and enjoy the local sweets and traditional curds made from buffalo milk while visiting Ramgati. Here one can observe the view of sunrise and sunset like Kuakata. Rows of colorful sailing boats attract the attention of tourists. This scene is incomparable. The vast afforestation of the forest department, the green bastion of Kayabon will also come into view. In order to facilitate the travel of tourists by road and sea. Tourist spots need to be protected and developed under the conservation policy of the government.

Modern hotels, motels, and restaurants need to be set up for the convenience of tourists. Amtm District Bus Terminal Parimatm Ramgatti-Sonapur Road needs to be paved. Lakshmipur has historical places, mosques, and shrines, that tourists can visit. The shrine of great saint Hazrat Miran Shah (RA) in Kanchanpur of Lakshmipur and more than two hundred years old Shyampur Dayra Sharif of Ramganj are traditional religious places of importance. Dayra Sharif located in Ramgati also attracts religious people. Kamankhola Zamindar House in Dalal Bazar is a must see. The two-hundred-year-old Titakhan James Masjid in Raipur is locally known as the Jinn Mosque. One hundred and fifteen-year-old Kanchanpur Zamindar Bari Jame Masjid and Mandari Bazar Masjid are famous for their beauty and architectural style.


The original picture of the land on which the present Lakshmipur district is located was not like this. In most places, the turbulent waves of the Bay of Bengal were intoxicated with sport. The famous Chinese traveler Hiuen Tsang in his travelogue called ‘Siuti’ described ‘Kamlanka’ as a seaside resort. ‘Kamalanka’ is the ancient name of present-day Comilla and erstwhile Tripura district. Poet Kalidas in his poem ‘Raghu Vansh’ called ‘Sushmi Desh’ as ‘Taliban Shyamkantha’. He explained the southern part of Comilla district and the northern part of Noakhali as ‘Sushmi country’.

A lot of palm trees grow in these areas since ancient times. It is said that in the early 13th century, Vishwaswara Shur, the founder of the Bhulua kingdom, came to this region on his way to visit Chandranath Tirtha by boat from Murshidabad to Chittagong (Chattagaon). It was definitely new Jaga Char. Perhaps at that time Raipur and Ramganj, belonging to the Tripura district, were the smallest part of the ancient land in the north. At present, most of the land in Lakshmipur district gradually rises from the womb of river or sea as char or island. For this, char, dvi, di, and dia are added to the names of different areas of the district. The areas with which Pur or Ganj are attached are also not the oldest. New settlers added these. Just 2 hundred years ago, the Scottish traveler witnessed the geography of the region. Francis Buchanan wrote (March 2, 1798) “Perhaps at different times the area was pasture, or it may be that the area was built up with river sand.

Everywhere the soil is soft and loose; It is mixed with silty sand particles and this soil layer is not structured. Moreover, clay is not here. (5 March 1798) The area between Laxmipur and Noakhali is not as cultivated as the area between Pata Hat (Charpata, Raipur) and Laxmipur. The houses of the rural people are scattered among the trees and many areas are still left in their natural state. Compared to Pata Hat, the terrain here is lower and every dip is full of Sundarbans trees.” Noakhali historian Pari Mohan Sen (1940) describes that “Lakshmipur region was once a part of the Bay of Bengal. Once upon a time, the place where the great urmimala grew and spread the fear of man was once full of Arnavacharas. Currently, a large number of people are living happily in that place.” Dr. As described by Kader (1991), it is seen that ‘this vast area west of Feni river and east of Meghna river, south of Mehar in Tripura (Comilla) district is sea-fed.” Set up settlements for trade and religious purposes. Then the people of Lakshmipur survive amidst the raging Meghna river and struggling with hostile nature. The once prosperous city of Islamabad disappeared into the Meghna River, and over time, many famous towns and cities along the Meghna River along the sea coast and Meghna River were mentioned in the description of Ibn Battuta.


Contemporary historians have commented several times that it is difficult to find any past existence in the history of the land that comprises today’s Lakshmipur district. This area can be specially identified from the time of the foundation of the ‘Bhulua’ state of Biswaswar Shur. At that time, the boundary of Bhulua extended to the Meghna River in the west. As such Lakshmipur district was under Bhulua. Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah conquered Bhulua in the mid-14th century. Here he established an eastern capital and appointed a ruler. A strong naval ghat was established to protect the Meghna coastal border. At that time the Pramatta Meghna River was flowing east-west over Farashganj and Bhavaniganj. Note that there was a village called Bhulua in Bhulua Pargana, which was 15 miles southwest of Maijdi (Noakhali) town and 3 miles east of Bhabaniganj (Laxmipur). The present city of Kasba and Tewariganj villages were bounded by Bhulua village somewhere.

Bhulua was captured by the Mughals in the seventeenth century. This naval base became famous as ‘Shahar Kasba’ during the Mughal period, which was the main naval base of the Mughals in the eastern region. In the middle of the seventeenth century during the reign of Emperor Shah Jahan, Subedar Shaista Khan of Bengal sent land forces from Dhaka’s “Lalbagh Fort” during the campaign against the Portuguese pirates and Arakanese in Sandwip and Chittagong; At Chandpur, along the Dakatiya and Meghna rivers, the city reached Kasba and joined the navy.

Thus the southern and western boundaries of Lakshmipur district can be identified. The northern and eastern boundaries have always remained intact. In the 13th century, Lakshmipur was under the rule of Bhulua. During the Mughal and East India Company rule, there was a military establishment at Lakshmipur. From the 16th to the 19th century, large quantities of salt were produced and exported in this area.

The salt revolution happened here because of salt. The people of Lakshmipur participated spontaneously in the Swadeshi movement. During this time Mahatma Gandhi visited this region. He often stayed at Kafilatli Akhara and Srirampur Rajbari in Ramganj. The rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam visited Lakshmipur in June 1926. In the great freedom war of 1971, there were seventeen battles between the Pak-invader forces and the freedom fighters. There are three memorials, two mass graves, and a mass grave.


During the East India Company period, Lakshmipur was rich in salt and textile industries. Salt houses and kuthi houses dominated this industry. The Sahapur Kuthi Bari, Joksin Kuthi Bari, and Sahebganj Kuthi Bari in the north of Raipur controlled the salt and textile trade. They were also engaged in motivating and forcing the local people to cultivate indigo. Meghna River, Dakatiya River, Rahmatkhali River, Bhabaniganj Canal, Bhulua Canal, and Jarirdona Canal played a role in most trade and commerce.

Raipur, Sonapur, Bara Kheri, Lakshmipur, Dalal Bazar, Bhabaniganj, Tewariganj, and Farashganj were the main business centers of the district. Lakshmipur Munsef Court was established in 1870 AD after that Munsef and the lawyer class tried to develop Lakshmipur as a city. They built an English school (Laxmipur Model High School), a public library and town hall, a Bani Rangalaya Auditorium, and a Bar Library in Lakshmipur. The goldsmiths’ patti of the city was the pub of the urban man or the forbidden village. Administrative history also has a development of transformation. The first police station named Lakshmipur was established in 1860. Then on September 1, 1976, the then No. 5 Banchanagar Union was converted into Lakshmipur Municipality.

Later this municipality expanded. Raipur, Ramganj, Ramgati, and Lakshmipur Sadar Upazilas were formed on July 19, 1979, as Lakshmipur subdivision and on February 28, 1984, in the same area Lakshmipur district. Later, Kamalnagar Upazila was formed by dividing Ramgati Upazila. At present, Lakshmipur district consists of 58 unions and 4 municipalities, 5 upazilas, 474 mazes, and 547 villages spread over a total area of 1,534.7 square kilometers.


Jobs Apply News gives Lakshmipur DC Office job application 2023 the best available information. If you want more govt jobs or Teletalk bd jobs then check all jobs. Here, you’ll find not only Lakshmipur DC Office jobs circulars but also updates on:

For Lakshmipur Gov bd updates, make it a habit to check the Jobs Apply News website regularly. If you want to get the latest Lakshmipur Zilla Prosashok Karjaloy update then click the “bell icon” and “allow” your notification in your browser. Jobs Apply News always publishes recent job news. You can learn more Bangladesh govt on Wikipedia.

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