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The Alamdanga Mohiuddin Academy in Bangladesh has recently released a Mohiuddin Academy job circular and application form for their vacancies through the social media platform Kalarkantho. The academy is seeking knowledgeable individuals to join their team.

The job circular offers a great opportunity to work in one of the best academy job sectors. All the details regarding the Mohiuddin Academy Circular are available on the JOBs Apply News website. Working at Alamdanga Mohiuddin Academy will help you build a valuable network and open up future career opportunities.

You can also gain valuable experience and develop leadership skills by applying for Mohiuddin Academy jobs through the Welfare Trust Institute. The job circular requires knowledgeable and experienced applicants.


Published Mohiuddin Academy Job Circular 2023

The Alamdanga Mohiuddin Academy has recently released its job circular for 2023. The application process will begin on November 19, 2023, and the last date to apply will be December 3, 2023. Make sure to submit your application form to the Welfare Trust Institute within the given timeline.

The Mohiuddin Academy authority will call all candidates for viva in 2023. The job opportunities at Alamdanga Mohiuddin Academy offer job safety, security, and protection which is highly valuable in today’s job market. Mohiuddin Academy is committed to providing quality education throughout the country. You can apply for a Mohiuddin Academy job online or offline by following the job circular for 2023.



The facility of Mohiuddin Academy Job Apply 2023

Category: Academy JOBs.
Candidate: 20 person.
Working: Full-time jobs.
Employer: Alamdanga Mohiuddin Academy.
Salary: Discussion with authority. Read Circular pdf or Image
Apply fee: Not mention the apply fee. 
Job Place: Chuadanga in Bangladesh.
Qualification: HSC / Honours / Degree / Masters Pass.
Experience: Read circulars pdf or Images.  
How to Apply: Send your CV or Document according to the Alamdanga Mohiuddin Academy Circular.
Job Source: Kalar kantho paper.


Mohiuddin Academy Apply date and Last date

Published date: 19 November 2023
Apply date: 19 November 2023
Deadline date: 03 December 2023
Viva date empty


Mohiuddin Academy Contact and Office Address

Academy Name: Alamdanga Mohiuddin Academy.
Academy Address: kamalapur chorpara, alamdanga, chuadanga.
Gmail Address: Empty
Fax Number: Empty
Help line: Empty
Phone Number: 01314-000800.
Social Media: Facebook Group



Mohiuddin Academy Official Social Media:

Mohiuddin Academy job circular      


Download PDF Mohiuddin Academy Circular 2023

The Alamdanga Mohiuddin Academy has released a job circular for 2023 through the Welfare Trust Institute. The circular has been published as a PDF file and shared on the Kalar Kantho paper’s social media page. Jobs Apply News has also uploaded the circular’s PDF file on their website and attached an image of the Mohiuddin Academy job circular.

If you’re interested in applying for a job at the Mohiuddin Academy, you can read the official PDF file from the Welfare Trust Institute and identify the job position that best matches your skills and interests.



Welfare Trust Institute Viva Board and Interview

The Mohiuddin Academy has announced that it will be hiring new employees through a rigorous examination process. Candidates who have applied to the Mohiuddin Academy job circular 2023 will be called in for an exam by the Mohiuddin Academy examiner.

Those who qualify will be called in for an interview by the authorities of Mohiuddin Academy at the Alamdanga Mohiuddin Academy Viva Board. The Viva Board will be established in the Welfare Trust Institute office or department. It is important to bring all necessary documents as per the Mohiuddin Academy circular 2023 to the Mohiuddin Academy viva board.



Welfare Trust Institute Job Circular pdf and Image

Mohiuddin Academy job circular



How to Mohiuddin Academy Job Apply?

If you’re a job seeker in Bangladesh and looking for opportunities at Mohiuddin Academy, the Welfare Trust Institute application can be of immense help. Don’t let the 2023 job circular from the Welfare Trust Institute discourage you. Here are the steps to follow:

    1. Find the circular pdf or image for 2023.
    2. Read the Mohiuddin Academy job circular 2023 pdf or image.
    3. Collect the Alamdanga Mohiuddin Academy application form.
    4. Attach all your documents as per the Welfare Trust Institute Circular.
    5. Review your Mohiuddin Academy job circular application form.
    6. Send or bring it to the Welfare Trust Institute office.



Jobs Apply News The  Alamdanga Mohiuddin Academy job circular 2023 is the greatest available information. If you want more Mohiuddin Academy College jobs to apply for in 2023 then check all the jobs. Here, you’ll find not only Mohiuddin Academy job circulars 2023 but also updates on:


How can I get the Mohiuddin Academy Circular Update?

Please make it a habit to regularly check the Jobs Apply News website for updates on job opportunities at Mohiuddin Academy. If you would like to receive the latest circular updates from Mohiuddin Academy, simply click the “bell icon” and allow notifications in your browser. Jobs Apply News always publishes the most recent news on job applications at Mohiuddin Academy.


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