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Netrakona DC Office Job Circular 2023 Apply

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The Netrakona District Commissioner’s Office has recently published the Netrakona DC Office job circular 2023 and Netrakona DC Office Job Apply on the www Netrokona gov bd and http Dcnetrokona teletalk com bd official website for their vacancies. The Netrakona Zilla Prosasok Karjaloy mentioned for the total post 09, the authority needs qualified experts, and proficient  47 people for the Netrakona DC Office govt job.

Netrakona DC Office govt job 2023 All report is available on the Jobs Apply news website. The Local Gov Netrakona offers tensive govt jobs for people who want to apply for the Netrakona DC Office job application 2023. Applying online for Dcnetrokona Teletalk com bd is an easy process. Those who are interested in joining the Netrakona DC Office jobs exam will fill out the application form on this website http Dcnetrokona teletalk com bd.  


Published Netrakona DC Office Job Circular 2023

The Netrakona District Commissioner’s Office has officially published the Netrakona DC Office job circular. The Local Gov Netrakona published the Teletalk job portal on September 2, 2023. The job application will start on 04 September, 2023 and the Last Date will be on 09 September, 2023. Interested candidates apply for Local Gov Netrakona jobs within a specific date.  



www netrokona gov bd Job Circular 2023

Local Gov Netrakonagovt jobs are known for high levels of job security. Once you are hired for a Netrakona District Commissioner’s Office job application then the employer is difficult to be terminated without a valid reason. Working for a Netrakona DC Office job gives you career security. Employees receive a steady salary and predictable allowance. 



The facility of Netrakona DC Office Job Apply

The Local Gov Netrakona offers job stability and security, which is specifically valuable in today’s government workplace. Jobs apply online by visiting http Dcnetrokona teletalk com bd or www Netrokona gov bd. You can see the facility before applying Netrakona DC Office job circular. If you do not understand how to apply Netrakona DC Office circular, don’t worry Jobs Apply News will guide you step by step.  

Category: Gov JOBs.
Candidate: 47 People.
Total Post: 09 post
Exam Fee: 112 taka.
Job Salary: 8250 taka. See the circular.
Job Quota: Quota applies.
Age Limit: From 18 to 30 years age {26/11/2023}. For the Netrakona DC Office quota age will be 32 years old.
Job Place: Netrakona District Commissioner’s Office
Website: www netrokona gov bd.
Job Source:
Qualification: JSC Pass / SSC Pass / HSC Pass/ Honours Pass.
Experience: Read Netrakona DC Office job circular pdf or Image.
  •  Call 121 by teletalk number.
  • Mail:
  • A phone call to 02-9966516334.


Published Date: 23 November 2023.
Apply date: 26 No 2023.
Deadline date: time 2023.
How to Apply: Click the “JOBs Apply Now” button.



Download pdf of Circular 2023

Netrakona Zilla Prosasok Karjaloy’s official website www Netrokona gov bd has published the Netrakona DC Office Job Apply 2023 PDF file. Jobs Apply News has uploaded the pdf file and given the Netrakona DC Office Teletalk job circular pdf or image to this article. If you are interested in a Netrakona DC Office circular pdf or image then check out the Netrakona Zilla Prosasok Karjaloy official pdf file and be sure which govt job post is best for you. Exam Date and Seat Plan

You will find the Netrakona DC Office job exam date and seat plan on the official website www Netrokona gov bd. If you have applied for the Netrakona DC Office job 2023 through Teletalk com bd then the authority will send you via SMS through govt job portal. The Netrakona District Commissioner’s Office can change the exam date and seat plan of the Netrakona DC Office job application 2023.

So stay tuned to JOBs Apply News for all govt jobs are updated. The Authority of Netrakona DC Office says that the candidate will be selected through compatible examination. will call the candidate for the exam who has applied to Netrakona DC Office Teletalk com bd. The authority will select the Local Gov Netrakona candidates by following the steps.

      1. Preliminary exam
      2. Written exam
      3. Viva Board



Exam Fee of Dcnetrokona Teletalk com bd Jobs

After submitting an online application form to Dcnetrokona Teletalk com bd. The Netrakona DC Office Job Apply candidate will pay the exam fee. Netrakona DC Office Job circular candidates who received a User ID are eligible to pay the Netrakona Zilla Prosasok Karjaloy exam fee via SMS within 72 hours through any Teletalk number.

Otherwise, the application form will not be accessible to the Netrakona District Commissioner’s Office. Follow the payment system of the Netrakona DC Office Teletalk job portal.


1st SMS:-

DCNAERAKONA<> User ID and send to 16222.


Reply: Application’s Name, Tk – 112/- will be charged as application fee. Your PIN is 87654321. To pay the fee Type Netrakona DC Office <>Yes<>PIN and send it to 16222.


2nd SMS:-

DCNAERAKONA <> Yes <> PIN and send to 16222

Example: DCNAERAKONA <> Yes <> 87654321

Reply: Congratulations! Applicant’s Name, payment completed successfully for Netrakona DC Office Application for the post-YYYYYYYY User ID is (ABCDEF) and Password (XXXXXXXXX).  



How to Download Admit Card?

The Netrakona Zilla Prosasok Karjaloy gives everyone a chance to build up a good Netrakona DC Office govt job career. If you want this chance then do not miss out on the exam. You need an admit card for the Netrakona DC Office examination. Follow these  soft steps:

    1. Visit the website.
    2. Look for the “Download Applicant’s Copy” section.
    3. Give your Netrakona DC Office “User ID“.
    4. Give your Netrakona DC Office “Password“.
    5. Click the “submit” button
    6. Download your “Admit Card“.
    7. Print it for the Preliminary / Written / Viva exam




How to Recover Netrakona DC Office User ID and Password?

Netrakona DC Office Job Apply candidates can recover Dcnetrokona Teletalk com bd User ID and Password by  pursuing, the below-mentioned SMS manner only from Teletalk pre-paid mobile phone:


If the User ID is known:

DCNAERAKONA <> Help < > User < > Send User ID to 16222.



If you know the PIN:

DCNAERAKONA > Help < > PIN < > PIN No to 16222.

Example: DCNAERAKONA  HELP  PIN  12345678



How to Netrakona DC Office Job Apply 2023?

Netrakona DC Office Job Apply is golden for the govt job seeker in Bangladesh. Netrakona DC Office job circular gives you a golden probability to build up your career. Now, you are not confused about Netrakona DC Office gov jobs, and how to apply online.

    1. Visit Or
    2. website you get all govt job circular pdf.
    3. http Dcnetrokona teletalk com bd website, “Application Form” (Click here to Apply for Job Online).
    4. Select Netrakona DC Office Post and click “Next“.
    5. If you are not a premium member then select “NO”.
    6. Fill up the Netrakona District Commissioner’s Office online application forms.
    7. Submit” to www netrokona gov bd.
    8. Download” Netrakona DC Office Job Apply “Hard Copy“.



See Job Circular PDF and Image

Netrakona DC Office Job Circular
Netrakona DC Office Job Circular
Netrakona DC Office Job Circular Netrakona DC Office Job Circular







Netrakona DC Office History for Viva Board

The history of Netrakona district situated on the eastern side of the Brahmaputra river is proud of its ancient tradition of Toi-Tumbur and various historical events. Various theoretical reviews clearly prove that the region became habitable land due to rising from the ocean or seabed.

The watercourse of the present Netrakona district originates from the rivers Kansa, Someswari, Ganeshwari, Maheshwari, Gorautra, and other tributaries that lie along the foothills of the Garo Hills. Every river in this district flows towards the southeast of the district. As a result, the land of the entire district is high in the north and gradually sloping in the southeast.

The region was under the Gupta emperors in the 4th century AD. It is known from the history reading that during the Gupta era, West Mymensingh, including this region under Samudragupta, belonged to the Kamrup kingdom. The kingdom of Kamrup was ruled by Kumara Bhaskar Varman, a Brahmin of Narayan descent until the Chinese explorer Hugh N Tsang came to the Kamrup region in 629 AD at the invitation of the Hindu king Shashanka.

In the late 13th century AD, the Vaishyagaras and Durgagaras ruled their fictitious kingdoms at Pahar Mullu in the northern part of East Mymensingh. In the late 13th century, a Muslim ruler invaded the eastern Mymensingh region and managed to establish Muslim rule for a short period of time.

Then in the 14th century, a monk named Jitara attacked and occupied the Bhati region, the then capital of Kamrup. Even till that time the Muslim rulers and inhabitants could not stay and rule the area permanently. During the reign of Alauddin Hussain Shah (1493-1519) in the late fifteenth century AD, the entire Mymensingh region came under Muslim rule.

During the reign of Alauddin Hussain Shah’s son Nasrat Shah (1519-1532), two rebellions took place but the rebels were unsuccessful. Nasrat Shah’s rule was in force in the entire Mymensingh region. Although Nasrat Shah’s footprints have disappeared, many of his memorials have stood the test of time. Neither the successors of Nasrat Shah (1533–1838) nor the other rulers of Lakshmanavati after him could maintain dominance over the Mymensingh region.

The northern part of Mymensingh was re-subjugated by the Kochs. The rest came under the rule of the Delhi Pathan Sultan Sher Shah (1539-1545). The reign of his son Salim Shah (1545-1553) was full of rebellion and unrest. Far away from the capital Delhi and taking advantage of the weakness of the central government, Chief Revenue Secretary Dewan Sulaiman Khan (formerly known as Kalidas Ghazdani) defied the emperor. By doing this, the domestic and foreign kingdoms tried to occupy the area.

Of these, the Bhati region (east-north) was occupied by Sulaiman Khan. Although Sulaiman Khan was killed by the troops sent by the central ruler, the elder of his two sons, Isha Khan, ruled the Bhati region from Khizirpur. After Isha Khan’s death in September 1599 AD, the region was ruled by his grandson Musa Khan and the Afghan army Khwaja Usman Khan. During the reign of Emperor Jahangir (1605-1627), the entire Mymensingh region came under the Mughal Empire.

Many forts were established due to the war tactics of the Mughal armies. Apart from this, they also renovated and used the ruined forts made by the previous rulers. The ruins of those historical forts can still be seen. Notable among these is Roai Bari Durg, which was later used as the residence hall of Isha Khan Parishad Masjid Jalal. Many monuments, including the ruined fort of Pukuriya near Netrakona Sadar, have been lost to the ground. However, there are some traces of history here. Besides, many philanthropic works of the rulers of that time can be found.

Among them are the reservoirs known as the Finder Dighi. Many believe that Khan dug the wells as a philanthropic water supply system on the land of the Khazars. So Khoja’s Dighi from Khoja Khan’s Dighi. It also has different opinions. Some think that Khwaja Dighi was derived from Khwaja Usman Khan’s Dighi, and from him, it came to be known as Khozar Dighi. The current location of Netrakona district comprises the lands of the then Susang, Nasirujial, Mymensingh, Sindha, and Khaliajuri Parganas.

British rule granted the Netrakona subdivision in 1880 AD (reasons discussed in the Netrakona Sadar chapter). Netrakona sub-division started on 3rd January 1882 AD. During the British period, peasant rebellion, Pagal Panthi rebellion, Tonk movement, and Tevaga movement took place in this district. In 1945, a three-day All India Farmers’ Conference was held at Nagara, the district headquarters.

During the Pakistan period, there was a public demand for the elevation of the Netrakona subdivision to a district. In order to meet that demand, in 1962 the government acquired land for setting up the district headquarters at Kendua. However, the plan of the government was not implemented. On January 17, 1984, Netrakona sub-division was declared as a district.

The independence-minded people of Netrakona could understand that they have to go to war for freedom after listening to the summary of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s historic speech on March 7. Therefore, the people of Netrakona did not spend much time preparing for the liberation war. From March 7, the youth community became eager to go to war in every thana town of Netrakona. Every day thousands of armed people from the villages started marching at the police station level.

Politically astute people of Thana towns including Netrakona town also started policy making work. Looking at the battlefields of Netrakona, it is seen that 50 brave freedom fighters of the then Netrakona sub-division have received martyrdom. In addition to the freedom fighters of the Netrakona subdivision, many people from different parts of the country Uktijodha fought in various battlefields of Netrakona, and many were martyred. Likewise, Netrakona freedom fighters also fought in the battlefields of different districts of the country and many were martyred.


Jobs Apply News gives Netrakona DC Office job application 2023 the best available information. If you want more govt jobs or Teletalk bd jobs then check all jobs. Here, you’ll find not only Netrakona DC Office jobs circulars but also updates on:

For updates, make it a habit to check the Jobs Apply News website regularly. If you want to get the latest Netrakona Zilla Prosasok Karjaloy update then click the “bell icon” and “allow” your notification in your browser. Jobs Apply News always publishes recent job news. You can learn more bangladesh govt on Wikipedia.

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