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Sunamganj DC Office Job Circular 2023 | Apply

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The Sunamganj District Commissioner’s office has recently published the Sunamganj DC Office job circular 2023 and Sunamganj DC Office Job Apply on the www Sunamganj gov bd and Http Dcsunamganj Teletalk com bd official website for their vacancies. The Sunamganj Zilla Proshashok Karjaloy ask for a total post 04, the authority needs qualified expert, proficient, skillful, and capable 15 people for the Sunamganj DC Office govt job.

Sunamganj DC Office govt job 2023 All information is available on the Jobs Apply news website. The Sunamganj Local Gov offers tensive govt jobs for people who want to apply for the Sunamganj DC Office job application 2023. Applying online for Dcsunamganj Teletalk com bd is an easy process. Those who are interested in joining the Sunamganj DC Office jobs exam will fill out the application form on this website Dcsunamganj Teletalk com bd.


Published Sunamganj DC Office Job Circular 2023

The Sunamganj District Commissioner’s office has officially published the Sunamganj DC Office job circular. The Sunamganj Local Gov published the Teletalk job portal on November 26, 2023. The job application will start on 28 November, 2023 and the Last Date will be on 21 December, 2023. Interested candidates apply for Sunamganj Local Gov jobs within a specific date.  



www Sunamganj gov bd Job Circular 2023

Sunamganj local government jobs are renowned for their high level of job security. Once you are hired for a position in the Sunamganj District Commissioner’s office, it is difficult for an employer to terminate you without a valid reason. Working for a job in the Sunamganj DC office ensures career security, as employees receive a steady salary and predictable allowances. For more information, please visit the website.

While Sunamganj District Commissioner’s office govt jobs offer many advantages, has also some disadvantages. Sunamganj Local Gov jobs may have stark work schedules. Some activities of can hinder professional growth and skill development. You can research on your own or by visiting www Sunamganj gov bd for the Sunamganj DC Office job application 2023.  



The facility of Sunamganj DC Office Job Apply

Looking for job stability and security in today’s government workplace? The Sunamganj Local Gov is offering just that! You can apply for jobs online by visiting Dcsunamganj Teletalk com bd or www Sunamganj gov bd. Before applying for the Sunamganj DC Office job circular, you can check out the facilities available. If you’re unsure about how to apply for the Sunamganj DC Office circular, don’t worry! Jobs Apply News will guide you step by step.

Category: Gov JOBs.
Candidate: 15 person.
Total Post: 04 post.
Exam Fee: 200 + 23 taka
Job Salary: 10200, 9300 taka. See the circular.
Job Quota: Quota applies.
Age Limit: From 18 to 30 years age {28/11/2023}. For the Sunamganj DC Office quota age will be 32 years old.
Job Place: Sunamganj District Commissioner’s office
Website: www Sunamganj gov bd.
Job Source: www Sunamganj gov bd.
Qualification: HSC Pass, Honours Pass.
Experience: Read Sunamganj DC Office job circular pdf or Image.
  • Phone: 02996600900
  • Call: 121 by Teletalk


Published Date: 26 November 2023.
Apply date: 28 November 2023.
Deadline date: 21 December 2023.
How to Apply: Click the “JOBs Apply Now” button.


Download pdf of Circular 2023

Sunamganj Zilla Proshashok Karjaloy’s official website www Sunamganj gov bd has published the Sunamganj DC Office Job Apply 2023 PDF file. Jobs Apply News has uploaded the pdf file and given the Sunamganj DC Office Teletalk job circular pdf or image to this article.

If you are interested in a Sunamganj DC Office circular pdf or image then check out the Sunamganj Zilla Proshashok Karjaloy official pdf file and fix which govt job post is best for you. Exam Date and Seat Plan

If you have applied for a job at the Sunamganj DC Office, you can find the exam date and seat plan on the official website The authority will send you an SMS via the Teletalk job portal. Please note that the exam date and seat plan are subject to change, so be sure to stay updated.

So stay tuned to JOBs Apply News for all govt jobs are updated. The Authority of Sunamganj DC Office says that the candidate will be selected through proper, appropriate, and accurate examination. will call the candidate for the exam who has applied to Sunamganj DC Office gov com bd. The authority will select the Sunamganj Local Gov candidates by following the steps.

      1. Preliminary exam
      2. Written exam
      3. Viva Board


Exam Fee of Dcsunamganj Teletalk com bd Jobs

Once an online application form is submitted to Dcsunamganj Teletalk com bd, the candidate applying for the Sunamganj DC Office Job must pay the examination fee. Those who have received a User ID for the Sunamganj DC Office Job circular are eligible to pay the Sunamganj Zilla Proshashok Karjaloy exam fee via SMS within 72 hours through any Teletalk number.

Failure to do so will result in the application form being deemed invalid at the Sunamganj District Commissioner’s office. To ensure that the application process is completed successfully, follow the payment system of the Sunamganj DC Office Teletalk job portal.

1st SMS:-

DCSUNAMGANJ <> User ID and send to 16222.


Reply: Application’s Name, Tk – 223/- will be charged as application fee. Your PIN is 87654321. To pay the fee Type DCSUNAMGANJ <>Yes<>PIN and send it to 16222.


2nd SMS:-

DCSUNAMGANJ <> Yes <> PIN and send to 16222

Example: DCSUNAMGANJ <> Yes <> 87654321

Reply: Congratulations! Applicant’s Name, payment completed successfully for DCSUNAMGANJ Application for the post-YYYYYYYY User ID is (ABCDEF) and Password (XXXXXXXXX).  



How to Download Admit Card?

The Sunamganj Zilla Proshashok Karjaloy gives everyone a chance to build up a good Sunamganj DC Office govt job career. If you want this chance then do not slip the exam. You need an admit card for the Sunamganj DC Office examination. Follow these soft steps:

    1. Visit the website.
    2. Look for the “Download Applicant’s Copy” section.
    3. Give your Sunamganj DC Office “User ID“.
    4. Give your Sunamganj DC Office “Password“.
    5. Click the “submit” button
    6. Download your “Admit Card“.
    7. Print it for the Preliminary / Written / Viva exam



How to Recover Sunamganj DC Office User ID and Password?

Sunamganj DC Office Job Apply candidates can recover Dcsunamganj Teletalk com bd User ID and Password by following the below-mentioned SMS order only from Teletalk pre-paid mobile phone:


If the User ID is known

DCSUNAMGANJ <> Help < > User < > Send User ID to 16222.



If you know the PIN

DCSUNAMGANJ <> Help < > PIN < > PIN No to 16222.

Example: DCSUNAMGANJ  HELP  PIN  12345678



How to Sunamganj DC Office Job Apply 2023?

Sunamganj DC Office Job Apply is golden for the govt job seeker in Bangladesh. Sunamganj DC Office job circular gives you a golden probability to build up your career. Now, you are not confused about Sunamganj DC Office Teletalk jobs, and how to apply online.

    1. Visit  Or
    2. www Sunamganj gov bd website you get all govt job circular pdf.
    3. Http Dcsunamganj Teletalk com bd website, “Application Form” (Click here to Apply Job Online).
    4. Select Sunamganj DC Office Post and click “Next“.
    5. If you are not a premium member then select “NO”.
    6. Fill up the Sunamganj District Commissioner’s Office online application forms.
    7. Submit” to www Sunamganj gov bd.
    8. Download” Sunamganj DC Office Job Apply “Hard Copy“.




See Job Circular PDF and Image

Sunamganj DC Office JOB circular
Sunamganj DC Office JOB circular
Sunamganj DC Office JOB circular

Sunamganj DC Office JOB circular







Sunamganj DC Office History for Viva Board

Sunamganj is believed to have been named after a Mughal sepoy named ‘Sunamdi’. The emperor awarded Sunamdi some land in the area for his heroic deeds in one of the battles of the Mughal army. Sunamdi donated the land to establish the Sunamganj market, which was named after him. Therefore, the name and place of Sunamganj are believed to have originated from this event.

Sunamganj has a rich and ancient history, filled with numerous legendary and historical anecdotes and facts. According to ancient history, the entire area of Sunamganj district once belonged to the Kamrup or Pragjyotishpur kingdom of Assam. In the Laud Pargana region of Sunamganj, there is a proverb that King ‘Bhagadatta’ of Kamrup had his capital on Laud Hill. According to legend, Bhagadatta fought for the Kauravas in the battle of Kurukshetra. Traces of the royal palace can still be found in Tangail’s Madhupur Forest.

Historians believe that the Bhagadatta mentioned in the legend is not the same as the one in Mahabharata, as the former lived in a much later period. It is important to note that when there is a discrepancy between legend and history, the latter should be considered as the more reliable source. In the past, Greater Sylhet was divided into three independent states – Laud, Gaur, and Jaintia. The boundaries of the Laureate state are estimated to have included the present-day Sunamganj district, Mymensingh district, and Kiedangsh of Habiganj district. Laud was the capital of this state.

The remains of King Vijay Singh of Laur’s residence still exist in the village of Holhalia, which is part of the North Baradal Union of Tahirpur Police Station in Sunamganj District. Locally, this place is known as Habeli (Haoli). The naval base of the state of Laud was located in Dinarpur, which is now a part of the Habiganj district. Historians have confirmed the existence of a year-round trunk road that connected the capital city of Laud to the naval base.

Mr. Muhammad Wasil, who was the Deputy Inspector of Schools in Sunamganj, discovered this information from the ruins of the said trunk road. It is believed that Lord Laud had built this trunk road to connect the naval base. Most of the area of Sunamganj district is believed to have been submerged in a sea which has now become land due to sedimentation and natural changes.

The discovery of limestone and coal mines underground in Sunamganj provides evidence to support this theory. This opinion is also supported by analyzing the structure of hundreds of basins in the area. The limestone found in Sunamganj’s Tekerghat is a type of calcium that was formed by ancient marine snails and algae. The scientific formula behind this concept can also be observed.

The vast land of Sunamganj is said to have risen from the ocean known as the ‘Kalidha’, according to almost all historical sources. This sea was spread over the entire southern part of Sunamganj district. The autobiographical diary of Khan Bahadur Dewan Ganiur Raja Chowdhury, Hashan Raja’s eldest son, also mentions it. Additionally, there are various regional songs and Pala-Parvan events that refer to the Kalidha Ocean.

According to Mr. Lindsay, the Collector of Sylhet in the 18th century, the southern part of Sadar Subdivision, the northern part of Moulivibazar and Habiganj Subdivision, and almost the entire Sunamganj Subdivision were once a part of the Bay of Bengal in prehistoric times.

The word “hair” is derived from “Sayr” which means “sea”. During monsoons, Sunamganj’s hair still resembles the sea. In the distant past, the Kalidah Sea extended to the Bay of Bengal. According to the writings of the Chinese traveler Hiuen Tsang, he sailed directly from Tamralipta to Sylhet in 1011 AD. He mentioned a river called Nahri Azrak that originates from the hills of Kamrup and flows through Habang town. This river was considered an ancient Surma and was used to reach Bengal and Gaur.  



Sunamganj DC Office of Cultural Heritage

In the rural and folk culture of Sunamganj, we can experience the melodious songs of sailors and the enchanting tunes of shepherds playing the flute. Additionally, both the Hindu and Muslim communities have their creative songs such as Aul, Baul, Pir, Fakir, Dervesh, and Vaishnava-Sannyas, which help people connect with the Supreme Lord. These are like precious jewels to us. Hindus celebrate various events throughout the year, which include thirteen parabens in twelve months, and also host a range of vartas, fairs, and festivals.

Sunamganj, our country of Bhatiali, is a place where the Muslim community celebrates with Ghazi songs, Muharram songs, Morsia, and Qawwali. In the past, stick games and boat racing were popular, and these traditions continue today. There are also theater, drama, journey, and poetry contests held here, making Sunamganj a diverse and vibrant cultural hub.

Many individuals have contributed to honoring the culture of Sunamganj. Among them are Hashan Raja, Radharman, Durbin Shah, Shah Abdul Karim, Ghiyas Uddin Ahmad, Mohsin Reza Chowdhury, Maniruzzaman Monir, Nirmulendu Chowdhury, Abdul Hai, Brahmanand Das, Lalanirendu Dey, Bipin Pal, and Kshirod Sharma. Notable names also include Tarani Kant Dey, Chadir Uddin Ahmad, and Shah Abu Taher.


Sunamganj DC Office of Panatirtha

Lava Devi, the mother of Advaita Mahaprabhu, a Hindu saint, had a strong desire to take a dip in the Ganges. However, due to her physical limitations, she was unable to fulfill her wish. To help his mother, Advaita Mahaprabhu performed yoga sadhana and made the holy water of all the tirthas (sacred places) of the world flow in one stream, thus fulfilling his mother’s wish.

The stream that was once known as the Renuka River is now called the Magical River. Every year, in the Chaitra month, the Varuni Mela is held at Panathirth on the banks of this river, which is located in the Tahirpur police station. This fair is also known as Baruniyoga among the locals. Lakhs of Hindu pilgrims gather here every year to attend this Baruni Mela. Additionally, many Muslims also visit this fair as part of their pilgrimage. You are also welcome to visit this fair.


Sunamganj DC Office of Hashan Raja Museum

The house on the banks of the Surma river in Tegharia, Sunamganj, is a popular tourist attraction. It is the birthplace of Hashan Raja, a noble zamindar who lived between 1854 and 1921 AD. Hashan Raja was a mysterious saint who composed numerous songs during his lifetime and remains popular to this day. Visitors can see a variety of items belonging to him, such as kurtas, charms, swords, turbans, shields, plates, books, and manuscripts of poems and songs. These artifacts still stir the emotions of many visitors.

The universal poet Rabindranath Tagore was fascinated by the songs written by a mysterious poet named Hashan Raja. In a letter, Tagore congratulated and praised Raja. Today, Raja lies in eternal sleep next to his beloved mother in the family cemetery called Gazi Darga, located under Sunamganj municipality. Many pilgrims visit the shrine of Hashan Raja every year.


Sunamganj of Dolura Martyrs’ Mausoleum

The name Dolura holds significance as it is the place where 48 brave freedom fighters were martyred. There is a memorial at the foot of the mountain that serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made during the struggle for independence, which lasted for 71 years and left a lasting impact on the banks of the river. Sunamganj’s history during the liberation war is very rich and noteworthy.

During the Great War of Liberation, Dolura, located near Sunamganj, was one of the battlegrounds. This particular battlefield was part of the No. 4 Balat Sector. Several freedom fighters lost their lives in this battle, and they were buried at this location. In 1973, Dolura Shaheed Mazar was constructed to honor the memory of these 48 martyrs.


Jobs Apply News gives Sunamganj DC Office job application 2023 the best available information. If you want more govt jobs or Teletalk bd jobs then check all jobs. Here, you’ll find not only Sunamganj DC Office jobs circulars but also updates on:

For www Sunamganj gov bd updates, make it a habit to check the Jobs Apply News website regularly. If you want to get the latest Sunamganj Zilla Proshashok Karjaloy update then click the “bell icon” and “allow” your notification in your browser. Jobs Apply News always publishes recent job news. You can learn more Bangladesh govt on Wikipedia.

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